How to do Zinc Coating for Seamless Steel Pipe

Seamless steel pipe are widely used in industrial production due to its good performance. In order to protect seamless steel pipes from rust, we need to galvanize the seamless steel pipes. Usuallt, seamless steel pipe may be sold in a short period of time after produced in large amount. So that it is nessary to do zinc coating.

So how do it proceed?

There are two methods for galvanizing seamless steel pipes, hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing. Hot-dip galvanizing includes wet method, dry method, lead-zinc method, and redox method. Electro-galvanizing is a process that uses electrolysis to refer to the process of forming a uniform, dense, and well-bonded metal on the surface of a part. The galvanized zinc layer is very smooth and dense, and has good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

The difference of hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing is how to improve the quality of seamless steel pipe after acid cleaning. Hot-hip galvanized used widely than electro-galvanized for its simply operation.