Types of Casing Pipe used in the Oil Extraction

Petroleum casing is a large-diameter pipe that serves to fix oil and natural gas well walls or boreholes. The casing is inserted into the borehole and fixed with cement to prevent the borehole from separating the rock formation and the borehole from collapsing, and to ensure the circulation of drilling mud to facilitate drilling and exploitation.

Different types of casing pipe that used in the process of oil extraction:

Surface oil casing: Used to maintain the well to prevent contamination by shallow water and gas layers and support the wellhead equipment and maintain the weight of the casing in different levels.

Technical oil casing pipe: Separate the pressure at different levels so that the drilling fluid can circulate normally and maintain the consumption casing.  Also to install anti-burst installation, leak-proof installation and stern tube in the well.

Oil layer oil casing pipe: Used to export oil and natural gas from the storage layer below the surface. Also used for maintenance drilling and stratification of drilling mud. When petroleum casing is consumed, the outer diameter should be 114.3 mm to 508 mm.

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