Reasons for SSAW Steel Pipe Rust

1. Anti-corrosion failured. When the pipeline is erected, it is necessary to do anti-corrosion job or use anti-corrosion SSAW steel pipe directly. The reason why the pipeline is corroded is because the anti-corrosion layer of the pipeline is damaged. Once the anti-corrosion layer is separated from the pipe, it will cause corrosion failured and rusted.

 2. The influence of external conditions. Check the characteristics and temperature of the medium around SSAW steel pipe, they are might be corrosive. Because the corrosiveness of the medium is closely related to the various microorganisms contained in the soil. And if it used as a long-distance pipeline, the nature of the soil environment is more complicated.

In addition, the temperature of the environment in which the pipeline is located will also affect the corrosion of the SSAW steel pipe. If the temperature is higher, the corrosion rate will faster, while the temperature is low, the corrosion rate will slower.