Usage of Carbon Steel Elbow

Carbon steel elbow is used to change the direction of the pipeline on the carbon steel pipe. There are threaded connection and welded connection. According to the angle, there are 45° and 90°180°.


here we briefly describe the application of carbon steel elbows:

(1) It not need to take tube blanks as raw materials, which can save the cost of tube-making equipment and molds, and can obtain arbitrarily large diameter and thin carbon steel elbows.

(2) Short the manufacturing cycle, which greatly reduced the production cost. And it does not require any special equipment that make it able to do on-site processing for large carbon steel elbows.   

(3) The blank is a flat plate or a developable curved surface, so the blanking is simple, the accuracy is easy to guarantee, and the assembly and welding are convenient.   

(4) Carbon steel elbows are good for pipeline series in petroleum, gas, chemical, hydropower, construction and boiler industries etc.