You have to Noticed When Purchasing LSAW Steel Pipe

There are many tricks to sell goods in market, so as to steel pipe. So that it is important to know something about the things you are going to purchase. And about to LSAW steel pipe, you have some thing to take care:

1. Keep an instrument. It because when the wall thickness of the steel pipe is not get to the standard, the supplier may hammer shield the mouth end of the steel pipe to make it looks good. At this situation, you will need an instrument to measure it.

2. LSAW steel pipe are used as seamless steel pipes. There is only one weld seam for LSAW steel pipe. Using the machine to polish the whole steel pipe, till it looked as seamless without gap.

3. Another way to seamless LSAW steel pipe is thermally expanded steel pipe. After the expansion, the weld seam is invisible, but there is lead powder inside the steel pipe, and there are burn marks on the pipe, which needs to be checked carefully.