Defects and Precautions of Pipe Elbow

Elbows are pipe fittings used to change the direction of the pipeline. Stamping elbow is a kind of elbow, and its plastic processing tends to produce the following quality defects, especially in the bending of pipes.

1. The wall thickness becomes thinner and wrinkles. For example, the thickness of the outer wall of the bending deformation zone will become thinner. The part with the largest amount of thinning is at the place of maximum deformation. When the thinning is excessive, the pipe will be broken. The thickness of the side wall in the bending deformation zone will increase. If the degree of deformation is too large, the inner tube wall will lose stability and thicken, and wrinkle in severe cases.

2. Distortion of cross-sectional shape In the pipe bending process, if necessary measures are not taken (such as filling material in the pipe or placing a mandrel support, etc.), the cross section of the bent pipe will easily become elliptical without internal support.

Therefore, in order to select the right process method and take necessary process measures, it is very important to prevent the occurrence of the above-mentioned defects. Practice shows that eliminating or minimizing quality defects to meet the requirements of the use of pipe fittings is the key to the process of plastic processing of pipes.

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