Precautions for Seamless Steel Pipe Anti-corrosion

1.Pipe derusting, the surface of the pipes should be clean before paintting. Sandblasting to remove rust able to make pipe standard reach to  Sa2.5 level.

2. After removing the rust, then apply primer and the time interval between them should not exceed 8 hours. When applying the primer, the base surface should be dry. The primer shall be applied evenly and fully without clotting or bubbling.

3. After the surface of the primer is dry, apply the top coat and wrap the glass cloth. The time interval between the primer and the first top coat should not exceed 24 hours.

Process of seamless steel pipe anti-corrosion is a relative complicated . It is necessary to strengthen the advantages of various technologies and anti-corrosion methods to avoid corrosion, so that seamless steel pipes will have better performance.

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