What We Should Pay Attention to When Pickling Galvanized Seamless Steel Pipe

Every step is important during the operation of galvanized seamless steel pipe. The pre-plating process includes 5 processes: alkaline washing, pickling, rinsing, dipping assistant, and drying. For operation workers, what they have to paid attention when pickling seamless steel pipes? Here, we made a list.

1. Wearing protective equipment before pickling. The on-site environment should also be inspected carefuly, mainly to check whether the sling of the steel pipe is intact, and the operation can only be performed after confirming that the sling is intact.

2. Pickling is mainly performed by hydrochloric acid. Generally, the content of hydrochloric acid is 18% to 20%.

3. The staff also need to check the acid concentration & temperature and the tonnage of the pickling pipe before operation. These can be detected by using professional measuring equipment.

4. For pickled steel pipes, the appropriate weight is between 2 to 5 tons at a time, and should controll in 5 to 15 minutes. Time needs to be adjusted according to the weight. The steel pipe also needs frequent vibration during the pickling process. When the pipe is lowered into the acid tank, the steel pipe must be tilted to prevent hydrochloric acid from hurting people.

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