​Electro-galvanized for Seamless Steel Pipe

Galvanizing can not only beauty the surface of the seamless steel pipe, but also protect pipe from rusting. The types of galvanizied for seamless steel pipes are hot-dip galvanized and electro-galvanized. Here we will introduce you electro-galvanized.

Currently, electro-galvanizied can be classified into four types according to the classification of electroplating solution.

1. Cyanide Galvanized. But cyanide is highly toxic, it has severe damage to the environment. With the promotion of environmental protection concepts, there are many restrictions on the use of cyanide in electroplating zinc. Currently, people mainly use microcyanide electroplating solution instead. After electroplating with cyanide galvanized, the product especially for color plating, and the color remains good after passivation.

2. Zincate Galvanized, it is evolved from cyanide zinc plating. This process has strong corrosion resistance and is good for color galvanizing. With this process, the lattice structure of the coating is columnar, with good corrosion resistance, and is suitable for color zinc plating.

3. Chloride Galvanized, it is widely used in the electro-galvanized industry up to 40%. After passivation (blue and white), chromium can be replaced by zinc (comparable with chromium plating), especially after adding water-soluble varnish. This process is suitable for white passivation (blue white, silver white)

4. Sulfate Galvanized, it is more suitable for continuous galvanizing, and the cost is lower. This process is suitable for continuous galvanizing wire, strip, simple, thick and large parts, components.

In the electroplating methods, zinc chloride galvanizing is the most widely used method. It is determined by its good characteristics.