Matter needs to Pay Attention for the Spiral Pipe is Offline in Summer

The spiral pipe is water-cooled, but the temperature of the spiral steel pipe after water cooling is still quite high, so the following points should be paid attention to the offline spiral pipe in summer:

 1. The offline spiral pipe should be horizontally placed in a flat place. Do not place it in a squeezing. If it must be placed in a squeezing type, it shoule be 24 hours after offline to make sure the PE layer is completely attached to the outer wall of the steel pipe.

2. Do not be exposed to rain after the spiral pipe is offline, because it may lead to water seepage at the pipe interface.

3. During the production process of the spiral tube, the dosage of epoxy powder and adhesive is 1% larger than usual, so as to achieve the actual required thickness.

 4. Do not expose to high temperature after the spiral pipe is offline. Exposure to the sun will easily cause the PE layer to expand and separate from the outer wall of the steel pipe, which will not make the pipe anti-corrosion.