Standard of ERW steel pipe

Appearance of ERW steel pipe:

The appearance of the ERW steel pipe should be well formed, and the width should be 2mm over the edge of the groove on each side. The height of the fillet weld should meet the design requirements, and the shape should be smoothly transitioned.


Joint surface of ERW steel pipe:

1.    Cracks, unfused, pores, slag inclusions and splashes are not allowed.

2.    The weld surface of pipelines with design temperature lower than -29 degrees, stainless steel and alloy steel pipelines with greater hardening tendency shall not have undercut. The undercut depth of the welding seam of other materials shall be greater than 0.5mm, the length of the continuous undercut shall not be greater than 100mm, and the total length of the undercut on both sides of the weld shall not be greater than 10% of the total length of the weld.

3.    The surface of the weld shall not be lower than the surface of the pipe. The excess height of the weld seam is not more than 3mm, (the maximum width of the rear groove of the welded joint group).

4.    The misalignment of the welded joint should not be greater than 10% of the wall thickness and not greater than 2mm.


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