What is the difference between seamless steel pipe and seamed steel pipe?

1.     Different processing techniques: Seamless pipes are made of carbon steel or alloy steel. The processing technology of seamless pipes is divided into two methods: cold drawing and hot rolling, while seamed pipes are generally welded.  


2.     Different uses: Seamless pipes are mainly used as pipelines or structural parts for conveying fluids, mainly in the machinery industry, while seamed steel pipes are mainly used in the construction industry, such as water, gas, compressed air and other low-pressure fluids. However, seamless steel pipes are used for pressure pipes.  


3.     The price is different: Because the production process of seamless steel pipe is more complicated, the price is more expensive than that of seamed steel pipe, while the seamed steel pipe is mainly made of secondary welding of steel plate (steel strip), which is cheap and widely used.


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