Jis Gate Valve



Our company JIS gate valve usually be reliably used in steam, air, coat gas, oil or oil gas etc high or low-pressure condition. Middle or low-pressure valve normal valve normal adopt taper disc seating structure, but the large diameter and high pressure valve adopt sideway disc sealing structure, the medium flow from high to low position, it use medium self pressure seal, so the sealing is very reliable and the operated torque is more light. According to condition, the valve can be apply more kinds of material and connection type between bonnet and body and can be reach to more requirements of user.


Construction as follows

1. Full Bore/Reduce bore

2. Outside screw stem and rising Yoke

3. Detachable seat and Back-seat

4. Two piece self aligning packing gland 


 Design And ManufactureFace To FaceFlange DimensionPressure-Temperture ratingInspection And Test
JIS B2071 B2081JIS B2002JIS B2212 B2214JIS B2071 B2081JIS B2003


                                                        Capability criterion

Body materialSPCH2-11SPCH2-32SCS13ASCS19ASCS14ASCS16ASCPL1
Suitable Temperature≤425≤540℃≤275℃≤200℃≤275℃≤200℃-45~150℃
Appropriate MediumWater Steam Oil GoodsNitric AcidAcetic AcidLiquid Ammonia