The Characteristics of Galvanized Elbows

Galvanized elbow is a kind of elbow, it is a layer of zinc on the elbow. The layer of zinc can improve the corrosion resistance of the elbow. Galvanized elbow are divided into electro-galvanized elbow and hot-dip galvanized elbow. What are its characteristics?

1. Light weight. The density of galvanized elbow is 10% that of elbow.

2. Impact strength. This performance is better than ordinary elbows.

3. Long service. As long as the galvanized elbow is used within the specified temperature and pressure range, its service time can reach to 50 years.

4. Anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation.  Galvanized elbow will not fade.

5. Acid resistance, corrosion resistance and alkali resistance. Also there will be no bacteria breeding, no rust, and no electrochemical corrosion.

6. Heat resistance. If the working water temperature is 70 degrees, then the softening temperature is 140 degrees.