SSAW Steel Pipe Production Process

Welded pipe can be divided into three types according to production process: spirally submerged arc welding (SSAW), longitudinally submerged arc welding(LSAW) and electric resistance welding(ERW). We will focus on the production process of SSAW steel pipe here.

1. Raw materials of spiral steel pipe are strip coils, welding wire, and flux.

2. The strip undergoes leveling, edge trimming, edge planing, surface cleaning and conveying, and pre-bending treatment before forming.

3. The welding seam gap control device is used to ensure that the welding seam gap meets the welding requirements, and the pipe diameter, the amount of misalignment and the welding seam gap are strictly controlled.

4. After cutting into single steel pipes, the first three of each batch of steel pipes shall undergo a strict initial inspection system to check the mechanical properties, chemical composition, fusion status of the welds, the surface quality of the steel pipes and pass non-destructive inspections to ensure that the pipe manufacturing process is qualified. After that, it can be officially put into production.

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