The Development of Spiral Welded Steel Pipe

The bearing pressure of the pipeline is increasing and it is nessary to extended the service life of the pipeline, so the development direction of the spiral welded pipe is:

1. Produce large-diameter thick-walled pipes to improve pressure resistance;

2. Design and produce steel pipes with new structures, such as double-layer spiral welded pipes, which double-layer pipes are welded with strip steel whose thickness is half of the pipe wall and the strength is higher than that of single-layer pipes of the same thickness;

3. Develop new steel grades, improve the technical level of smelting process and the strength, toughness and welding performance of the pipe;

4. Develop coated pipes and coat the inner wall of the pipe with an anti-corrosion layer, which can not only prolong the service life, but also improve the smoothness of the inner wall, reduce fluid friction resistance.

There are the development of spiral welded steel pipe, welcome to click here to know more the production process of SSAW steel pipe.