ERW Steel Pipe Seamlessness

"ERW steel pipe" is straight seam resistance welded pipe, English Electric Resistance Welding, short for ERW, used to transport oil, natural gas and other vapor and liquid objects

The difference between ERW steel pipe and seamless steel pipe is that ERW has a weld. The seamlessness technology of ERW steel pipes is divided into geometric seamlessness and physical seamlessness. Geometric seamlessness is to remove the internal and external burrs of ERW steel pipes. With the development of seamlessness technology, The internal burr can be controlled at about -0.2mm ~ O.5mm.

Physical seamlessness is to use a medium-frequency induction heating device to heat the weld area to AC3 (927°C), and then perform an air-cooling process with a length of 60m and a speed of 20m/min, and then water-cool when necessary. So far, advanced ERW units in the world have used this method to process welds. The high-quality ERW steel pipe is not only unable to distinguish the weld seam, but also has a weld seam coefficient of 1, which realizes the matching of the weld seam area structure and the base material.

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