The Difference between Slip On Flange and Butterfly Valve Flange

The difference between slip on flange and butterfly valve flange can be divided into the following points:

1. The connection size of the butterfly valve flange and the slip on flange is the same, the difference is that the inner diameter of the flange is different, the inner diameter of the butterfly valve flange is smaller than slip on flange, and the butterfly valve flange has two inner diameters , a small inner diameter and a large inner diameter.

2. According to the name of the butterfly valve flange, we can know that it is a special flange for butterfly valves. The butterfly valve flange can be combined with the rubber ring of the butterfly valve to ensure the tightness of the installation position to get the best sealing effect.

3. The sealing structure of the butterfly valve flange adopts polytetrafluoroethylene, synthetic rubber and phenolic resin to form a composite valve seat, which makes the valve seat have better strength while being elastic. The slip on flange also called flat flange , the connection form is simple.

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