What are the Differences Between Seamless Steel Pipes and Welded Steel Pipes

With the development of building materials markets, we have various types of steel pipes in construction. In order to help you understand them, we will briefly introduce the differences between seamless steel pipes and welded steel pipes here:

1. Different processing techniques:

Seamless pipes are made of carbon steel or alloy steel. The processing techniques for seamless pipes include cold drawing and hot rolling, while welded pipes are generally formed by welding.

2. Different uses:

Seamless pipes are mainly used as pipelines or structural components for fluid transportation, primarily in the mechanical industry. Welded steel pipes are mainly used in the construction industry for low-pressure fluids such as water, gas, and compressed air. However, seamless steel pipes are used for pressure pipelines.

4. Different prices:

Due to the complex production process of seamless steel pipes, their prices are higher compared to welded steel pipes. Welded steel pipes are mainly made by secondary welding of steel plates (steel strips), and they are cheaper and more widely used.