Methods of Connecting Spiral Pipes

The most commonly used method of connecting large-diameter spiral steel pipes is welding. However, manufacturers also use threaded connections, flange connections, socket connections, and groove connections in projects. In the post, Xiangjiasteel would like to introduce you some details about three main connections.

1. Welding and Flange Connection

Welding and flange connections are traditional methods of connecting spiral pipes. These methods do not fully meet market demands in terms of safety, sealing performance, cost efficiency, and repair efficiency. They are mainly used for water transmission pipelines, oil and gas pipelines, chemical pipelines, and power pipelines.

2. Clamp Fitting Connection

Clamp fitting connections are an advanced method of pipe connections. They can be used for both exposed and buried installations, accommodating both rigid and flexible joints. 

3. Groove Fitting Connection

Groove fitting connections, also known as clamp connections, have become the preferred technology for connecting liquid and gas pipelines. Although the development of this technology in China came later than in other countries, it has quickly gained acceptance in the domestic market due to its advanced nature. The application of groove fitting connections simplifies, speeds up, facilitates complex pipeline connection processes.